Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing

Northern-Powerhouse-titleThe text adventure game is the result of Text Adventure Time, exploring the North of England in the year 2065. Wigan is a harsh place to live (after a nuclear explosion in the year 2035) with dead zones where technology doesn’t work. Burnley is over run with robots, with an enslaved population of artificially created humans, but Hull is a pretty nice place to live as long as you work in the two main industries of advanced robotics or bioengineering. This dystopian future was created by young people of Wigan, Burnley and Hull.

Northern Powerhouse 2065 is an exhibition about the world of Last Towns Standing. Consisting of ‘artefakes’ from the future, the touring exhibition brings to life objects from the stories of the last towns standing. The exhibition is touring libraries across the North in 2016 with one off events and workshops.

FACT JAN2016_low res_18

Objects in the exhibition include items such as Emoji-gloves (pictured above), the sacred book, bioengineered animal embryos, identity badges and a cyborg unfolding fox. A full catalogue of objects can se seen below.
Northern Powerhouse: Last Towns Standing

Re-Dock spent a year working with young people in libraries in Wigan, Burnley, Hull. The project brought together 9 artists to develop and populate an alternative future. This project is part of Networked Narrative, a two year collaborative project made up of four main partners: FACT, WLCT, Lancashire County Council and Hull Libraries.

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