Civil Rights & Freedom Fights

Civil Rights & Freedom Fights is a card game created with the International Slavery Museum’s Young Ambassadors. Over three sessions, we discussed the importance of fighting for equality. The game was created to provide meaningful information on the people, events, movements and artefacts that significantly impacted the fight for Civil Rights, in an accessible and enjoyable way. In particular, the Young Ambassadors felt it was important to celebrate the work of often overlooked or lesser-known activists. The game aims to provide an engaging way to confront the history of racial injustice and the need to fight against it. As one of the Young Ambassadors said “Civil Rights & Freedom Fights provides endless inspiration by highlighting the variety of skills and methods used by activists to fight injustice. So, whether you are a great intellectual like W.E.B. Du Bois or a soulful singer like Nina Simone, you too can stand up for what you believe in and fight for what’s right.”

Best playing a version of Snap.

Young Ambassadors Nathan, Rebecca, Courtney, Gracia, Daniel, Aiza, Lois, Laila
Illustrations Yazz Vanducci

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